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Mobile phone button life testerGC-205
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One. purpose:

This machine is mainly used for testing buttons (silicon switch silicon button, metal dome metal bullet button, intercom vehicle platform products) special life testing machine, with automatic memory times, power-down memory, life times cumulative, to achieve the set number of automatic shutdown functions. Another new addition is force correction.

Two, technical parameters:

1. A whole machine, two independent test stations, can test two workpieces, with two sets of control systems, a control system to control a workpiece independent test, set conditions for each screen. We need to look at the test conditions and the results to change a picture, that is, it does not affect the mutual testing, which is equivalent to independent control.

2. Each sample can test 6 keys (not simultaneously pressed, is a continuous action, for example, in the order of 1-2-3-4-5-6-complete 6 keys for a test cycle).

3. the controller can control the frequency of cylinder operation, and the times of a single cylinder per minute.

The 4. controller is controlled by touch screen PLC.

5. test speed: 1-60 times / minute.

6. test times: continuous keystroke test 1 million times.

7. key pressure: 1N ~ 7N.

8. size: 650 x 410 x 600mm

9. weight: 30kg

10. power supply: AC220V/50HZ

Three, the main configuration

1. machine body one.

2. cylinders 12.

3. battery valves 12 (Air TAC)

4. touch screen 1 PLC 1

5. special fixture 2 sets

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